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Whether you want to offer the benefit of coaching to a single employee, your team or within a larger scale project, we can provide the bespoke solution for you.

We help organizations of the financial industry to grow their human capital through:

1-2-1 executive coaching: We work mainly over the phone on bespoke programs for your leaders and managers. Our coaching programs start from one session (for strategic meeting preparation) to an average of 6 months.

Team Coaching and Facilitation: Team coaching enhances organizational climate, productivity and retention. Using a cutting edge Relationship Systems Intelligence approach™, we powerfully leverage the creative and problem solving capacity of a team as a whole. After a formal meeting to clarify the purpose of the intervention, we gather your team for a few hours or a day. Depending on the size of the group, we often deploy 2 facilitators.

Workshops and Training: After a formal meeting to clarify the purpose of the intervention, we deliver bespoke training on site. They could be technical or soft-skills based.

Coaching Clinic: Coaching clinic is a cost-effective way to offer face-to-face coaching sessions to your middle-managers. We can deliver up to 6 sessions per day (3 session per 1/2 day). You choose the frequency. This can be combined with the 1-2-1 executive coaching.

Change Management Projects: We coordinate large-scale bespoke change-management project. We can deploy cohorts of certified and supervised professional coaches who have a previous solid background in the financial sector. We are pleased to answer your requests for proposals.

We get great results with “left-brain managers” who have excellent technical backgrounds. These individuals are usually sceptical about coaching and soft skills in general. We do change their mind.

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