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You have always been ambitious and successful, yet, this next professional step feels like a huge mountain to climb and you are not equipped? You are hitting the ceiling for a few months or even years already?

Where is gone that excitement you used to have when you arrived in the office in the morning?

We are experiencing the biggest financial downturn since 1929. Our industry is shrinking. You are in the first generation of financial professionals who do worry about the future of the profession itself. Everybody is at risk today, even top management and governments. We know there is little time to think about your Personal Equity® when you sit long hours at your desk. When did you last take time to pause and reflect on your personal hedge?

Our services for individuals:

Monthly Q&A Call: “What is executive coaching?”: once a month, 45min telephone conference call where we answer all your questions about coaching. Be in touch if you want to attend the next one. It is free of charge.

Strategic Meeting Preparation: we set you up for success before a commercial pitch, a boardroom meeting or a job interview. This module is a set of 2 sessions designed for you to maximize your impact and be fully present in the moment, especially when you have so much at stake.

Group Signature Program develop your leadership skills and reach the next professional stage. It is a 4-month step-by-step program of 8 group-sessions + 2 individual sessions. The program consists in a set of tools, exercises and techniques that have proven to work so well with our past individual coachees that we decided to put them all in a course. It will give you an exhaustive overview of how you can leverage your Personal Equity®. This “directional” approach is ideal for professionals who are new to coaching. This is a great way to start an executive coaching program. Your coach (MIM, CPCC, ACC) facilitates the conference calls among a maximum of 6 other professionals in finance. You get the opportunity to experience thegroup’swisdom and network with other peers.

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1-2-1 Program:  our Signature Program, delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, over the phone. It the same set of 10 sessions as the group program. We will adapt the content to your specific situation as we go along. This is a great way to start an executive coaching program.

1-2-1 Executive Coaching Program: your coach partners in thoughts with you with no other agenda but seeing you achieve your goal. You can choose to have either a set of regular contacts with your coach, or have one-off clarity sessions when you feel the need for it. Attend our monthly Q&A call or book a 1-2-1 call with us to check if we are the right coach for you.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so be in touch now, and we will contact you within 48hours to arrange a proper due-diligence call.

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