Our signature leadership program for financial professionals.

Is it for you?

 You have been working in the financial sector for more than 5 years.

You feel that you reached a « plateau » and need to re-engage at work.

 You want to develop your social intelligence and relationships at work.

 You often think about the way your career is unfolding and how office politics may affect you.

 You are looking for the right balance between your operational and managerial responsibilities.

You want to improve your overall work-balance without loosing opportunities.

Our method: Personal Alpha™

This 10-session program is a great way to start for those who are new to coaching.

A set of a 10 sessions to cover a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to structure your soft skills. After a certain level of seniority, these soft skills make the difference for your career, not the technical skills you already have.

Personal Alpha™ is a 4-step process delivered over the phone or face-to-face.

1. Phase 1 : Self-Exploratory 

This is a self-exploratory phase where coachees learn about themselves, their management style and their automatic sometimes unconscious behaviours.

==> After this phase, coachees have identified and named the challenge(s) ahead of them.

2. Phase 2 : Planification

In this second phase, we focus on the clarification of the long-term vision of  the coachees, through “right-brain” thinking exercises. We also set long-term goals aligned with the coachees aspirations and values.

==> After this phase, coachees have a clear sense of  direction and know their inner motivational drivers.

3. Phase 3 : Implementation

In this third phase, we design a proper action plan for each coachee. We set short and medium-term goals and Key Success Indicators (KSI) to benchmark the coachee’s progress over time. We will also cover some behavioural aspects in order to brush up the coachee’s communication skills.

==> After this phase, the coachees know what concrete actions move them towards the goals they set for themselves.

4. Phase 4 : Review

This phase is crucial to get sustainable results. We’ll spend time to review what worked and what didn’t. Hence the coachees learn how to learn from their mistakes, in analysing their actions and behaviours in a non-judgmental and unattached way. This powerful phase allows the coachees to naturally untangle and map connections between the components of the challenges they are facing.

==> After this phase, coachees collect a set of behavioural rules that will become their “automatic pilot”. This will build momentum in order to stay in balance for a sustainable change.

What does that imply, concretely?

- First we set up a free 45min consultation call. You will be able to put questions about your options, and the process.

- Coachees leave each call with key priorities to work on and assignments. Call preparation forms, reflection forms and readings will be sent out to make our time together highly effective.

- Participants receive unlimited Q&A via email during the length of their program.

==> We deliver the program in 2 ways :

1. Personal Alpha™ 1-2-1 Program:  the sessions last 60 min over the phone or face-to-face in Central London, usually once every fortnight or monthly. In this case, we use the program as a light directive framework that ensures a consistent and robust process. This options allows more flexibility. It often becomes a bespoke set of reflective sessions, around a specific challenge that would have been identified previously.

2. Personal Alpha™ Group program: the same set of 10 calls, among which 8 are delivered in a group of 5 other professionals working in finance. We  spend 2 sessions per step of the process.

You get 3 individual calls with your coach over the program. One at the beginning and at the end of the program, and a joker-one anytime you feel the need for more support. The rest is a series of 60min group-call every fortnight.

The group dynamic offers networking opportunities on top of co-support between members. The is also a cost-friendly way to experience our Signature Program. Be in touch if you want more advise on which option suits you best.

What results can you expect?

- Accrued sense of self-authority

- Better communication skills in formal business contexts (boardroom meetings, interviews, networking events)

- Better relationships at work

- Understanding of the qualities of a « manager-coach », to get the best out of your direct reports or get ready for a future promotion.

- Sustainable motivation towards the professional goals you set up for yourself.

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